What’s a CombsDoadly?

A small strategic design and technology studio based in Indianapolis, IN,  CombsDoadly is a collaboration of designers, developers and consultants working together to produce meaningful, creative, and intelligent business solutions. We believe in strong coffee, little sleep, and good honest design. Not because it’s what we do for a living, but because it’s what we live to do.

Our Services Are Top Notch

Building brands is our passion and because we put so much time and thought into them, we like to see them well maintained. We understand the value gained from developing real relationships with our clients and we believe the better we understand you and your business, the better prepared we are to provide you with consistent and cohesive design solutions.

Beautiful and Functional Design

Beautiful and Functional is the key. At the heart of our core values is the idea that when it comes to websites (all things really), they need to be aesthetically pleasing, but also serve a very measurable purpose. Our talented designers will work with you to create a website that will not only meet your needs with outstanding functionality, but will also turn heads in the process.

What We Do

Web Design
Application Design
Program/Business Development
Print Design

How We Work

We believe that projects should follow a natural progression from concept to launch that provides checks and improvements at each phase.

  • Start with an idea.
  • Research your market. Set what “success” means to the project.
  • Design a clear roadmap for the physical manifestation of the concept.
  • Build based on your roadmap.
  • Test, tweak, and launch.

Why We’re Special

CombsDoadly is your operational and creative partner, building a dynamic relationship that promotes real growth. By acting as an extension of your team, we offer tremendous flexibility as you scale, giving you access to our diverse range of knowledge and experience. To learn more about our culture and what we can do for you, contact us today.

So What Do We Charge?

We are firm believers in clients getting what they pay for. We offer reasonable, flexible rates and excel when working within a budget. We strive to deliver extraordinary value and will always be honest about our capabilities and limitations. If your need is online development, check out our packaged solutions.They are streamlined to take advantage of production efficiencies while still giving you and/or your company high-quality, well-considered design at great savings.

We would be happy to discuss your project with you. Go ahead, get in touch with us. We’d love to help.