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Sharron Hill came to us on a referral from another client and asked that we take a look at her existing site and help her sort some things out. As is typical for any new client of mine, Sharron and Bernie met for about two and a half hours discussing her needs and objectives for the site. After which we suggested a complete overhaul of her existing identity and a whole new web presence at the center of a new communications plan we would help her to craft and phase-in over time.

The new identity and web site was Phase One. Mark it complete. What you see here is her new website (with the new identity) and her new business card. We're pleased with the results and so is Sharron, but the true test will be in the responses from new/existing clients and her ability to recruit top-producing agents to her brokerage. Look for more exciting sales and marketing pieces in the months to come as Sharron begins to fully integrate her company’s communications.

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